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Greetings! həˈlō Hola Bonjour

Updated: May 30, 2021

Greetings and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Alicia Alleyne, owner of Alleyne Consulting Group. Let's face it, as structured and organized our lives may be, we still find ourselves going in 10 directions at 100 mph! There's always so many things we think we want to do, learn and stay up to date on but we ultimately make time for what we want. Nonetheless, understanding how opening that credit card account will impact your credit is still important. (more on that in a future post) This blog will be about things that top my interest list, not all related to business but still related in an around the block kind of way.

Just about every website has some form of blog, white paper, newsletter or method of connecting with their subscribers, customers and clients. Some are educational, some for leisure and then there are those that are heavyweight fact based content.

I want to keep it real and drop gems that can be useful as you organize and reorganize yourself professionally and personally. So my goal is to keep it light and lifestyle.

Questions, please email me at: - let's get a conversation going!

Hope you enjoy and see you again soon!

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Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis
30 mag 2021

Love the website. It feels great to have a female-led company to entrust all of my consulting and business needs to. Can't wait to get your perspective on so many issues. Cheers to the Website...I'll be in touch!!!

Mi piace
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